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Our customers in need of digitization know that standard solutions will not solve their problems. At the same time, it does not make sense to invest in consultants developing something from scratch. In M2M Solutions you will find an experienced partner specialised in automation. Let Purplepoint realize your Internet of Things dreams!


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Our customers operate in a variety of industries, from manufacturing companies to the recycling industry and logistics companies. Read more about how our collaboration with customers have been beneficial.


Orwak Connect

M2M Solutions' platform Purplepoint enables Orwak to offer a unique solution for its compactors. The machines are equipped with our communication card and connect wherever they are in the world. It increases the visibility in actual use and the improved precision for service personnel means that the availability of the machines increases for the customers. Orwak is part of the SanSac Group and a world leader in compactors and balers.

2 ICA.jpg


M2M Solutions has a long-standing collaboration with ICA. Our solutions are the hub for control at ICA's large logistics terminal in Helsingborg. Every day, 1000 trucks pass through the terminal with 210 gates. Purplepoint is used to control the flows from check-in of the transports to assignment of gates and delivery audits. The system communicates with operators and staff through monitors, door displays and card readers. Purplepoint is a very reliable and stable solution for ICA.

3 NPB.jpg

NPB Automation

NPB is a world-leading supplier of machines specializing in the manufacture of metal cans. M2M Solutions delivers and operates the NPB Traceability system to NPB's customers worldwide. The system maintains high security through full traceability of production data throughout the manufacturing process. The customer can keep track of where and when each detail has been manufactured and thus increase precision in quality tracking and production adjustments.



Thule's manufacturing in Hillerstorp uses the complete M2M OEE System. The system continuously monitors every status change in their machine park and detects if something is not going right. The structure of the system with automatic data collection was a requirement for Thule. Thule offers, among other things, roof racks, bicycle holders, roof boxes, trailers, snow chains and bags.


Facilities of the future with sensor-controlled bins. M2M Solutions has developed a sensor solution to easily measure the degree of filling in waste bins, containers and bins with the help of Purplepoint. HSB is testing Purplepoint in their properties in Stockholm to create bins communicating when they begin fill up. Installation is simple - all that is required is an electrical outlet for a hub that connects to the sensors. Communication between sensor and hub is done via radio technology and in turn 3G / 4G from the hub to the cloud where the system is controlled in accordance with preset parameters.

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ABB's iOS app keeps track of robot cells.
M2M Solutions has repeatedly been entrusted with delivering advanced solutions to ABB. We developed one of the first robot apps for iPhone / iPad for ABB. The app gives ABB's customers the opportunity to make the most of their robot cells by obtaining indications of changes in production as quickly as possible. The app shows the current status and history of production volumes as well as any disruptions.

6 Assa.jpg

Assa Abloy

With the help of Purplepoint, Assa Abloy has been able to develop a unique competitive advantage in its industry by offering its customers intelligent control systems for traditional gates and docking facilities for logistics terminals, hauliers and industrial companies.
Assa Abloy realized early on that the gateway is a strategic point in a logistics system, and used Purplepoint to develop a unique customer offering in the DockNET system. It is an intelligent control system with the ability to analyze, communicate, monitor, direct, register and document EVERYTHING that happens in and around the gate.

7 PV Systems.png

PV Systems / MP Bolagen

We have a long-standing collaboration with PV Systems together with MP Bolagen in Ekenässjön. M2M Solutions delivers complete electrical control systems to their robot cells for the manufacture of wire ladders. In these solutions, the customer also uses the M2M Solutions OEE System to be able to follow up machine performance and have the opportunity to work with continuous improvements with precise, accurate data. 

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