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It has never been easier

to connect to the Internet of Things

Purplepoint is the complete technology platform for connecting your products and equipment, all the way from hardware to software. It couldn't have been easier.


Don't develop what we've already developed for you!

All of your data. Aggregated.

The digitization may begin.

Whether you are building a new product or improving an existing one, Purplepoint is all that is needed to quickly and easily connect your devices.

With Purplepoint, you do not have to spend time and effort understanding the technology on a detailed level and procuring costly consultants. Focus on your business and let Purplepoint do the work!







Get the right sensors and implement Purplepoint Node in an existing product to go wireless!




In poor coverage environments, Purplepoint Hub receives all signals from the nodes, forwarding them to Purplepoint Cloud.





Collect the data from the nodes' sensors in Purplepoint Cloud with customized, clear Dashboards.

Why Purplepoint?

Your data. In real time. Anywhere.

The reason for the development of Purplepoint is to put our experience from device connectivity to work to help simplify and propel the impending digital era. Whatever it is, a production machine, or a need for  any kind of level measurements somewhere in the world. IoT connection should not be exclusive, but rather easily achievable! We know how.

Over the years, existing customers have requested product connectivity and monitoring. We listened and went on to develop the Purplepoint® platform, a flexible hardware and software solution. Purplepoint® provides a complete platform which makes quick work of achieving IoT implementation goals.

Purplepoint® serves and provides for all communication, security and storage, wherever your product may be. We help you all the way from the implementation of our "Node" to a fully functioning system. And it's fast!

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A single call can

go a long way.

Would you also want to benefit from digitizing your products or business? Contact us to find a solution to your digitization needs.

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