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Hi there! We are M2M Solutions.

Where innovation and experience meet.

Experience leads the way.

The team at M2M Solutions combines long experience in automation with IT and embedded system development. Our head office is located in Jönköping, a central hub for the Swedish manufacturing industry.

The team above all.

Broad competence, knowledge and experience.

The team at M2M Solutions has highly specialized and unique experience from machine-to-machine communication in manufacturing companies. Feel free to contact us to discuss how we can help you with your challenges.

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Peter Hasselqvist

+46 36 440 40 41

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Sales Manager

Niclas Fridén

+46 70 146 39 62

Jönköping close to heart.

In our premises just outside Jönköping, we have our labs and assembly operations allowing for quick production of  prototypes and conduction of tests. Our base in Jönköping great reach to our customers throughout southern Sweden. Welcome to visit us on Mogölsvägen 24!

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A single call can

go a long way.

Do you also want to benefit from digitizing your products or business? Contact us to help find a solution to your digitization needs.

Vilka är vi?
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