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Purplepoint LABS

An adaptable system.

Tailor-made solutions for your needs.

When you want to quickly produce a prototype to test in a harsh environment, Purplepoint LABS is the answer. When the ideal combination of sensors, enclosure, communication solutions and data management have been found we will help you productify and increase production volume.

Purplepoint for you.


Digitization is in vogue. It has accelerated in recent years and will continue to do so in the future with the constant development of improved hardware, new communication technologies and more efficient software. Digitization offers seemingly endless possibilities. But it can be a difficult field to navigate through. Too many have invested too much in projects ultimately bound for failure. But how does one find the proper solution?

What is


Read more about how Purplepoint works and how it can be implemented for your specific needs.

Our answer to that challenge is Purplepoint LABS. Through ingenious modular thinking, we have developed an efficient toolbox of building blocks that allows us to focus on understanding the customer's needs and then quickly develop a prototype that we can test in a an authentic environment. It could be about finding the optimal sensor technology to measure pressure or fluid levels, or something completely different. 3D printing allows for quick manufacturing and testing in real environment conditions.

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Once the optimal solution for your needs has been found, during the prototype phase, ensuring customer satisfactory production volumes is paramount. The product must be certified and allow for cost-efficient manufacture with  minimal risk of recall. It must also be possible to collect it for recycling and circulation. As part of the Purplepoint LABS concept, we help you productify the solution so that you may sell and distribute your digitized products worldwide.

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A single call can

go a long way.

Would you also want to benefit from digitizing your products or business? Contact us to find a solution for your digitization needs.

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