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Purplepoint is here.

One system.

Infinite number of solutions.

We at M2M Solutions specialize in helping our customers digitize their products and business.

With years of experience in automation and the Industrial Internet of Things we have developed the platform Purplepoint to propel our customers into the future. We will get you all the way from prototype to a finished product!



Our customers are in no need of developing their own tailor-made solutions from scratch. With Purplepoint, you are already halfway to enjoying the benefits of digitization. 


Several years of development where customer safety has been put first have provided a safe and robust solution that lets you sleep peacefully at night.


Purplepoint is designed to handle data from millions of products worldwide. We grow along our customers from prototype to mass production.

We have

the solution

for you.

Our customers in need of digitization know that standard solutions will not solve their problems. At the same time, it does not make sense to invest in consultants developing something from scratch. In M2M Solutions you will find an experienced partner specialised in automation. Let Purplepoint realize your Internet of Things dreams!

Purplepoint LABS

Tailor-made solutions for your needs.


Would you want to quickly and easily test whether an increase in customer value is possible through data collection from your products? We can rapidly produce a prototype for you with the help of Purplepoint LABS.


Once we have found the ideal solution to your needs, we will help you productify it. Our network of international partners ensure that you may sell and distribute your digitized products worldwide.

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We help you adjust to future.

Purplepoint in the industry

We help you build the digital factory. With the help of Purplepoint, our customers can audit and control their production flows. Our OEE systems allow for production to be optimized for maximum efficiency.

Automation services

We have extensive experience of unique consulting assignments and advanced projects where we offer everything from cabinet construction to electrical installation and PLC programming.

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Find the

solution that

suits your needs.

Would you also want to benefit from digitizing your products or business? Contact us to find a solution that suits you.

Who are we?

Based in Jönköping, we at M2M Solutions have worked with manufacturing companies all over Sweden since the 1990s. We value seizing technological opportunities, whilst at the same time taking advantage of our experience fulfilling customer wishes.



at heart.

We know our customers cannot afford to deliver unreliable, imperfect products to their customers.

New technology bring about serious challenges and our task is to ensure our customers get reliable solutions long passed the development phase.



1,000 trucks pass per day pass through ICA's large logistics terminal in Helsingborg, . Purplepoint ensures an incredibly reliable and stable solution for control of product flow. Reliability embodied.


Orwak Connect

As part of the SanSac Group, Orwak is a world leader in compactors and balers. With the help of Purplepoint, the machines connect and send volume and service data wherever they are in the world.



As a market leader in roof boxes, among other things, Thule uses M2M's OEE system in its production. It continuously monitors status changes in the machine park and detects if something is not working.

The technology of the future may soon be at your disposal.

Would you want to benefit from digitization of your products or business? Contact us to begin your journey into the future.

Ready? Just pick up the phone.

036 440 40 40

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